Peretele Nordic Lespezi-Caltun


On 11 March 2012, we’ve climbed Lespezi-Caltun North Wall, situated in Fagaras Mountains. Silvia was leading for all the 6 or 7 pitches of mixed ground until the top (Lespezi peak-2517 m). Not too difficult, but not very easy either. We were hopping to find some ice in the route, but we found none, as it was a very dry season. See the video below (click on Vimeo for HD quality): 

Peretene Nordic Lespezi-Caltun from catalin pobega on Vimeo.

More pictures from the route:




To descend, we went South towards Piscul Negru and then switch East in order to recuperate our skis. It was a very nice climb!