Ice climbing technique


This vid describes best how to climb steep ice with triangle technique:

… and the same technique framed in a picture:

Will Gadd, ice climbing with perfect style:

Pose Running Technique


The Pose Running Method will help you prevent the knee pain.

The movement of the legs results from use of muscle- and tendon elasticity, gravity and momentum/inertia.

Maybe a little off topic as the Pose Method does not apply to sprint, but is very interesting also to see Carl Lewis running in slow motion. It’s like listening to a symphony, as one said:

Source of article:,  Pose running technique– a beginner’s guide.

Triathlon. How to swim better

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Advice from Total Immersion founder, Terry Laughlin. Terry’s presentation at USA Triathlon’s NW Regional Meeting in Boise focuses on perpetual motion freestyle for long distance swimmers.

part 1:

See also: part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8.

Also, on I found interesting things about:

– how to breath/exhale

-how to use your arms (catch and pull)

-how to use your legs (kicks)

– how to rotate  (body roll) into the water.

In conclusion, I wish at some point in future to swim like this guy: